Share Status Announcement

In response to the news regarding the judgment issued by the criminal court of first instance for the case Aor 1708/2564 (also known as the red case Aor 1753/2566), which has raised concerns among the shareholders, Wind Energy Holding Company Limited hereby issues the following notification:


Currently, the company possesses a total of 108,837,300 shares, encompassing two groups as detailed hi below.


The first group comprises 64,717,411 shares, representing 59.46%. As previously mentioned, this group was subject to the aforementioned criminal case. Presently, these shares are held by Golden Music Limited (37.87%), Pradej Kitti-itsaranon (11.81%), former company executives (3.75%), and 36 retail shareholders (6.03%). It is crucial to note that despite being implicated in the criminal case, these shares remain unaffected by the judicial proceedings. As of now, the court has not rendered any judgment to annul or revise the transfer of these shares. It is imperative to refrain from extracting portions of the judgment and interpreting them beyond the officially stated content.


The second group, comprising 44,119,889 shares, equivalent to 40.54%, is presently held by Thana Power One Company Limited (26.65%), Nusasiri PLC (7.12%), Demco PLC (3.87%), and 91 retail shareholders (2.90%). Importantly, these shares have no connection to the aforementioned criminal case.


In all respects, the 135 shareholders listed in the register, collectively holding 108,837,300 shares, retain their status as rightful shareholders of the company. They possess the right to vote in shareholders' meetings, with all other associated rights fully intact and in force.


Wind Energy Holding Company Limited

26 January 2024