Interim dividend payment

Subject: Cash dividend payment
Date of Board resolution: 23 December 2020
Type of dividend payment: Cash dividend payment
Record date for the right to receive dividends: 23 December 2020
Ex-dividend date: 22 December 2020
Payment for: Common shareholders
Cash dividend payment (Baht per share): 10.00
Par value (baht) : 10.00
Payment date: 30 December 2020
Paid from: Retained earnings as of 30 November 2020

As this is the interim dividend payment made by the Company to its shareholders, the Company will transfer the dividend payments to shareholders via the shareholder's respective bank account (“e-Dividend”). This is being done for the convenience of shareholders with the payment being made at the payment date stated above. The Company, therefore, would like to ask each shareholder, who has not submitted the e-Dividend Form to the Company, to fill out an application form for the payment of dividends/interest / and any other cash rights (as the case may be) to the shareholder's bank account attached with this letter. The withholding tax certificate will be sent by post to the address that has been provided by shareholders.

E-dividend Form