Wind Energy Holding donates THB 3 Million to the first COVID-19 Field Hospital, Thammasat University Hospital

On April 2, 2020, Nop Narongdej, Chairman of Executive Committee, Wind Energy Holding Co., Ltd. (WEH) offered his support to the field hospital health care team at Thammasat University’s Rangsit Campus and donated THB 3 million for urgently needed medical equipment. Prof. Surapol Nitikraipot, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Thammasat University Hospital together with Assist Prof. Chatchai Mingmalairak M.D., Director of the field hospital received the funds on behalf of the hospital.

Nop Narongdej said Thammasat University Hospital has collaborated with other domestic hospitals to open the first field hospital for coronavirus patients at the university’s Rangsit campus. The hospital is a 308-bed facility with a zone for people to be quarantined for Covid-19 monitoring. The project required urgent funds to seek adequate personal protective equipment for the medical team and sufficient medical equipment.

Prof. Surapol expressed his gratitude to WEH for the support and stated that the funds will be used in the most efficient and beneficial way possible. ‘While the hospital is not lacking medical staff , they are facing a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) which is in high demand globally. N95 masks, ICU ward equipment and suits are amongst the PPE items required most urgently. Prof. Surapol also added that these two weeks are the golden weeks in terms of fighting the virus. If the country can get through this critical period, the numbers of COVID-19 infected patients will be able to be controlled and the situation will gradually improve.

Mr. Narongdej concluded that WEH would like to express our appreciation and encouragement to the doctors and nurses as well as other medical personnel. They have sacrificed and dedicated themselves so that we can eventually get through this horrifying pandemic together.