Wind Energy Holdings Sold Out Its 8 COD Wind Farm Energy Projects As Promised

Bangkok - Wind Energy Holdings stepped up to be the number one wind farm energy power supplier in Thailand and South-East Asia after their recent COD kick-off project by KR Electrical Plant on March 16, resulting in a total capacity of electrical production of 717 megawatts which reflected a strong and sustainable business position.

Mrs. Emma Louis Collins, CEO, Wind Energy Holdings (WEH), revealed that on March 16, The KR One Wind Power Plant Project has started to sell commercial electricity ( COD - Commercial Operation Day) to the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for the first day.

KR One Wind Power Plant is located at Amphur Theparak, Nakornratchasima province, with a capacity of 90 megawatts and is the last wind power plant out of the five plants of the T5 plant projects of the company that is able to achieve its target to sell all of its commercial electricity to EGAT within the first quarter of 2019.

Wind Power Plant 4, the first plant to be located atNakornratchasima and Chaiyapoom province, consists of the following wind power plants: 1. Tropical Winds Co., Ltd., with a 90 megawatts wind farm energy capacity, started to generate electricity into the system on September 28, 2018. 2. KRS Tree Co., Ltd., with 90 megawatts capacity, generated electricity on September 28,2018.

3. Theparak Wind Co., Ltd., with 90 megawatts capacity, generated electricity on November 27, 2018 and 4. Krissada Wind Co., Ltd., with 90 megawatts capacity, generated electricity on December 28,2018.

These 5 wind farm energy plants have the total electrical generating capacity of 450 megawatts when combined with the previous 267 megawatts electrical generating capacity from the 3 previous wind farm energy plants totaled to 717 megawatts that led Wind Energy Holdings to be the largest wind energy leader in Thailand and South-East Asia.

Mrs. Collins mentioned that the company is proud to be part of establishing a security for the national energy and being a producer of renewable energy that is sustainable, clean, environmentally friendly for the community.

In addition, the company is able to complete all 5 wind power plants and supply power to the system within the specified period which proved that Wind Energy Holding is stable, efficient and sustainable because of its consistent income from the electrical sales throughout the terms and conditions of the power purchase agreement with EGAT which will be an important foundation for further expansion.