KPN Energy Thailand Not Listed as Shareholder, Lacks Right to Convene EGM

Pursuant to the claim made by KPN Energy Thailand Company Limited, asserting their rights as shareholders of our company, publicly advertising this information, and urging an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders, Wind Energy Holding Company Limited hereby informs that KPN Energy Thailand is not listed as a shareholder in our company's register of shareholders. Consequently, their assertion of shareholder status lacks merit, and they do not hold the right to convene the aforementioned meeting.

As the registrar, our company is committed to complying with all court orders related to shares involved in legal disputes. To date, no court orders have mandated alterations to the company’s register of shareholders. Hence, we will continue following these directives, relying solely on the shareholders’ names in the register record.

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Wind Energy Holding Company Limited

January 8, 2024